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The UTS Literary Society, affectionately called ‘LitSoc’, is a student-led body that formed in 2020 with the hope of creating a supportive space for students to express their passion for reading and writing among like-minded enthusiasts.

With our monthly themed book lists, LitSoc allows readers to be exposed to new books and genres and to discuss the literature they love. From classics to sci-fi, everyone will find a book that interests them. We host regular book clubs alongside a variety of special bookish events throughout the year to connect and share our love of literature.

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Meet Norman the Bookworm

A little green bookworm peers out at you from the crevice between two book spines. You’re not quite sure what it is, but you think it’s best to not disturb its fortress.

Norman crawls out hesitantly, he sees that you want to meet him. He has smart, rounded glasses and . . . is he wearing a tuxedo? Something tells you he probably has an extensive wardrobe judging by how dapper he looks.

Norman is LitSoc’s mascot. He may be a little shy but that doesn’t stop him from always helping others out and doing his best to make them feel comfortable and welcome. He used to say that his dream was to create a safe and inviting space for fellow bookworms to talk freely and share their love of literature, regardless of genre or format.

Now that his dream has become reality, Norman helps make our monthly book lists and nudges recommendations to the executive team. He enjoys seeing people discover new parts of the world, start conversations and grow as individuals shaped by the knowledge and empathy gained through writing. Norman loves to hoard books, but he equally loves holding book drives and book-themed events to share the stories he has enjoyed.

You can find him in Norman’s Nook here on In the Margin or in the emote section of LitSoc's Discord server. If you're eager to learn the fantastic, cosmos-spanning history of the character we've come to know as Norman, check out the Unabridged History of Norman the Bukwyrm here.