In the Margin accepts submissions from all LitSoc members! We hope to spark meaningful conversations and encourage insightful discussions that reflect the diversity present in our larger membership base.

Read through the following guidelines and hit the button at the bottom of this page to fill out the submission form. Once you have, our Publications Team will review your submission and contact you with the next steps.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

General Guidelines

Always be respectful and kind. We aim to cultivate a safe space to share opinions and thoughts on all things literary. Discriminatory or harmful content will not be tolerated.

Submissions can reach up to 2000 words in length and must observe correct Australian spelling and grammar conventions.

Any images included in your submission should be royalty free.

There are three categories you can submit to (these are outlined below).

1. Reviews

Tell us all about your recent reads. These can include any of the titles from this month’s booklist or any that you picked up in your latest book haul. Loved them to pieces? Got some major bones to pick? We want to know!

Familiarise yourself with the elements you should include in your review submission here.

2. Fiction

We want to read all your weird and wonderful creative writing pieces! Send us your short stories, flash fiction and poetry.

3. Non-Fiction

Share all your literary opinions and ideas with us. Give us well-structured rants and passionate discourse on everything from the inherent colonial power dynamics of the publishing industry to your ultimate list of book boyfriends.

Had a great time at a LitSoc event? You can also submit a write-up and run us through the highlights of your experience. Include some album-worthy photos with your new friends!

If you’re feeling a little unsure about how to tackle a non-fiction piece, read through some tips and tricks from one of our copy/line editors.


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