LitSoc X DC: Unfolding Tales

UTS Literary Society & UTS Drawing Circle
November 9, 2021

Dancing with Necromancers

Emil and Ivette have always had a friendly rivalry, both top of their class and promising necromancers. But for Emil, second-best is simply not an option and there is little he won’t do to rise.

Composed by: Raphaella / Lianna / Rashane / Oran / Lucy / Ciara / Katie

Beyond the Sword

A witch. A Peasant. A stolen sword. Now, they are on the run and must learn to work together if they want to survive.

Composed by: Liz / Nick / Nadya / Chantelle / Nathan / Katherine / Kirill

The Disorientated Groomsman

In the blistering Arizona summer, a bachelor party isn’t going as planned. When Graham, a confused groomsman, wakes up with the supposed groom in the middle of the desert, he is sure it is some kind of bachelor party prank. But as things get stranger, he starts to wonder if this was part of the plan at all.

Composed by: Allegra / Tanya / Tui / Melissa / Kashfi / Talia

Peach’s Prophetic Pilgrimage

In the middle of the Polinami Desert, Empress Peach awaits her prophesied murder. But when she doesn’t die, she is flung into a journey across the desert into a world of lost cities and magic.

Composed by: Syan / Tania / Sethana / Don / Nathan

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