Book Review (ARC): These Twisted Bonds by Lexi Ryan

Saniya Hasan
July 26, 2022

Genre: YA Fantasy / Romance

Content warnings: death of a parent, drug abuse, violence, torture, kidnapping, fire injury

Perfect for when you’re in the mood for: something not too intense, adventure, romance, a love triangle

This was such a good read! It wasn't anything different, but I liked it nonetheless. This sequel starts off immediately after These Hollow Vows, where Brie ran off after being heartbroken by Sebastian and his abuse of her trust. There were so many twists throughout the plot that it was shocking. Honestly, if you enjoyed reading These Hollow Vows, then you’ll most likely enjoy this one. It basically had scenes and relationships that were kept similar to their counterparts from the first book but were also more intense and detailed, which really helped give depth to the characters and provide more insight to their perspectives. I also liked how it didn’t have only one major plotline that was dragging on from the start till the end, and instead it had different subplots that all added up to the final ending. However, the ending was a bit rushed because of the multiple ‘steps’ that needed to be taken by Brie.

The love triangle was so much better in this book, with way more scenes, and there was so much more chemistry. The author clearly showed the angst of certain characters, which at times made me want to forgive them. This sequel was very similar to ACOTAR, with the character bonds and parallels. It was also at times somewhat repetitive, like with the reminders of Brie’s ‘selflessness’ in literally any scene that was possible. However, I appreciated how the author changed this towards the end and showed the characters’ flaws because at times it seemed that some characters were shown as being completely perfect while others were portrayed as flawed, for example with the differences between Sebastian and Finn.

Personally, I liked how the story was completed in a duology and wasn't allowed to drag on for long because there really wasn’t a lot more that could be added to make it into a longer series without taking away from the main plot. It had a great conclusion that resolved the main ‘problems’ of the book and also provided closure for some of the characters, which was great because it didn’t leave much for you to wonder about.

My rating is 3.5 stars.

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